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Concrete driveways are a great alternative to traditional footpaths in your garden. They can be used for driveways, paths and patios. Concrete driveways are a great alternative to traditional footpaths in your garden. They can be used for driveways, paths and patios.
If you have an existing driveway that needs to be resurfaced or replaced, we can help you with the installation of a concrete driveway. 

We can also provide other services such as concrete stepping stones, retaining walls and concrete blocks. Whether you are looking to upgrade your driveway, extend your current driveway or build a new driveway, we can help. We have a team of experts that will guide you through the process and provide the best recommendations for your project. 

Our expert team will work with you to design and create a driveway that is practical, functional and affordable. Call us to get a free quotation.

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Why Choose Concrete Driveways Adelaide?

It is important to understand that concrete driveways have many advantages over other type of driveways. Firstly, they are long-lasting and will last for many years. Secondly, they are also very cheap to install and maintain. Thirdly, they are easy to clean and maintain as well. Lastly, concrete driveways can be installed in any kind of surface condition including dirt, gravel, sand or concrete.

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What You Should Know About Concrete Driveways

First, concrete is the most durable material for driveways. It’s also less expensive than other types of driveway materials, which means that if you choose to resurface your concrete driveway, you’ll save money in the long run.
Second, because concrete is made from cement, it is a porous material that allows water to flow through it easily. This makes it ideal for use in driveways because rainwater drains through them easily and doesn’t sit stagnant on the surface like it would with asphalt or gravel.
Third, concrete can be used as part of an overall landscape design plan or as stand-alone landscaping elements. For example, if you want your driveway to match the style of your home or business building and aren’t sure what type of landscaping design you want for your front yard area, choosing a color or patterned brick patterned brick can help tie everything together nicely without being too busy or overbearing.

Concrete Driveway Construction Process

Excavation & Premixing of Concrete

Excavate the area to be paved, then level the surface of the ground with a wheelbarrow or dump truck.

Batch Mixing and Tamping

Batch mix concrete mix according to manufacturer’s instructions. Use a hand trowel to apply the concrete in small batches over your prepared area. When using a hand roller, use a 3/4-inch nap to avoid damaging the surface of your driveway. Do not use asphalt sealer until after the concrete has set.

Placing Concrete & Concrete Pouring

Concrete will be poured and layered using machines and equipment.  Our concrete contractor has a complete material to be used for concrete placement for all types of driveways. If you need help, feel free to call us.

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